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Band in Graz Freaky Souls

Freaky Souls - Graz - Steiermark - AT eigene Songs Live-Band Anreise Regional Repertoire unter 1 Stunde

We are freaky souls, founded in June 2015 and this is what you get! Coming from mother earth to celebrate good music with good people. With guitars, base, vocals and many other things through a live looper we celebrate melodys and lyrics coming from our souls to you... Sometimes with featuring Artists because we love to make music together with different people on different places...
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Art: Band
Richtung: Reggae

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eigene Stücke, live Musik, Texte überwiegend in Deutsch, Repertoire unter 1 Stunde, Anreisebereitschaft: Regional.
Freaky Souls
Daniel Kristl

8010 Graz
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