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Band in Graz Sweet & Lovely Duo

Sweet & Lovely Duo - Graz - Steiermark - AT Coverband Instrumental Profi Party Hochzeit Tischmusik Live-Band Anreise International PA Anlage bis 500 Personen Repertoire bis 4 Stunden

‘Sweet & Lovely Duo’ is a musical project of these two young musicians whose paths crossed by playing together coincidently. Their music is based on a dynamic dialogue between their individual voices. Listening to these two musicians live, promises an unusual musical journey; for every listener to experience the musicians’ perception of emotions, embedded in their music.
Konditionen, Preise:
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Elisabeth Stahl - Gesang, Percussions Tomas Lukac - Gitarre, Loops
Repertoire, Beispiele:
Pop, Soul, RnB, Jazz Standrads, Bossa Nova Beispiele:
Anfrage senden Musiker: 2
Preis ab:200.00 € /Std.
Art: Band
Richtung: Blues Jazz

Besonderes, Spezialitäten:
Coverband, Instrumental, Partymusik, Hochzeitsmusik, Tischmusik, Profi Band, live Musik, Repertoire 4 Stunden, PA Anlage bis 500 Personen, Anreisebereitschaft: International.
Sweet & Lovely Duo
Tomas Lukac

8010 Graz
Telefon: 0676 925 30 98
email: Anfrage senden