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Band in Klagenfurt Vanitys Fair

Vanitys Fair - Klagenfurt - Kärnten - AT Anreise International PA Anlage bis 100 Personen Repertoire bis 1 Stunden

Vanitys Fair was founded in February 2009. After many shows and switches inbetween the bandmembers they started working on their debutalbum -Stay Gold- in November 2010. Now they'll come back with new songs and the heart on the right place to make all their dreams come true ;)
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Art: Band
Richtung: Hardrock Heavy Metal

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Texte überwiegend in English, Repertoire 1 Stunde, PA Anlage bis 100 Personen, Anreisebereitschaft: International.
Vanitys Fair
Bernhard Guggi

9020 Klagenfurt
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